Sabrina Richard's Research on Experimental Urban Installations is published by Routledge

This long awaited feature of the Integral Urban House and the Energy Pavilion is now available in Healing Spaces, Modern Architecture, and the Body (2016) published by Routledge.  Edited by Professors Sarah Shrank and Didem Ekici, Healing Spaces brings together cutting-edge scholarship examining the myriad ways that architects, urban planners, medical practitioners, and everyday people have applied modern ideas about health and the body to the spaces of the city.

Sabrina's chapter, titled "Inputs, Outputs, Flows: The Bio-Architecture of Whole Systems Design, the Energy Pavilion and the Integral Urban House",  charts the cultural history of architecture as a ‘biotechnology’ operating on, protecting, and extending the notion of the human body in the ecological architecture of the 1970s.